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Urban Wildlife

Yarkon Park | 📍MAP | January 10, 2022 I decided one morning last week to head out to the nearby Yarkon Park for some fresh air and casual birding to start off my new year. Comparable to NYC’s Central Park, the Yarkon Park is Tel Aviv’s green lung and supports a pretty healthy array ofContinue reading “Urban Wildlife”

Finding the Shelduck

Yavne Infiltration Pools | 📍MAP | January 5, 2022 In between other adventures, Adam and I decided to take a quick trip to the infiltration pans in the dunes just west of Yavne (more HERE). These rectangular pools are used for the preservation of fresh water that seeps into the aquifer, and attract large numbersContinue reading “Finding the Shelduck”

A Morning with the Gulls

Jaffa  | 📍MAP  |  December 24, 2021 After the week-long “Carmel” storm that hit us, I had a great opportunity for some belated morning sea-birding at Jaffa. Expecting more rain about 9am, I made sure to leave early and arrived promptly at the sea walls promenade, one of the best sites for this kind ofContinue reading “A Morning with the Gulls”

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