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Wishful Watari Party

Alexandroni Memorial, Cola Forest | 📍 MAP | September 2, 2022 With the hot, and mostly uninteresting, summer coming to a gradual end, autumn migration has just begun. A few weeks ago, waders and shorebirds started trickling in and, in recent days, the honey buzzard migration has begun (after some promising reports from the raptorContinue reading “Wishful Watari Party”

The Falco Festival

Mount Meron | 📍MAP | July 15, 2022 The summer months are rather lacklustre for birding here in Israel. However, there are a few isolated events that unfolded lately which inspired me to put in an extra effort and get back out into the sun. Last year, there was a great discovery that tens ofContinue reading “The Falco Festival”

Catching some Raptors

Gan Sacher, Jerusalem | 📍 MAP | April 18, 2022 Spring migration is in full force, yet living near the coast doesn’t deliver the endless streams of raptors that fly over the mountains of Israel. A late morning family picnic in Jerusalem‘s Gan Sacher was the perfect opportunity to catch up on the action, andContinue reading “Catching some Raptors”

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